October/ November

Freedom Of Road Riders Local 11 held a food drive in the parking lot of Cash Savers on West 7th Street in November. Thank you for the support and your willingness to help the community! 🙏❤️

MSSU held their 13th annual food drive “Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat”. We want to say thank you for all of the food that was given to us by the community and a special thank you to the entire Athletic Department at the university. These athletes gathered all of the food and brought it to us. It’s amazing how the younger generations is willing to take time out of their day to help make a huge impact in other peoples lives. The last pictures are the before and after the food drive. ❤️☺️

Amazon.com brought us 4 grocery carts of food. Their donation was valued over $1,000.00, which helped with the thanksgiving dinners and the upcoming Christmas dinners that we give out every year. Thank you guys for your support! We are extremely grateful for what all you guys have done. ❤️

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